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[ screaming ] >> germany, the big winner in screaming -- i don't know. i guess i don't know. we're not sure about that one. thanks, everybody. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes on the record right now. think about this. do you care what the obama administration believes about its own website? or do you want the facts? >> the president believes that the site has been significantly improved. >> unfortunately, as people enroll, i think there's going to be a lot of negative surprises. >> the administration has hit the big benchmarks they set out. 50,000 people at one time. 800,000 people a day. >> the system that transfer data to the insurance companies and takes care of the payments is not working yet. >> it is certainly working reasonably well. >> from what we know from the anecdotal evidence so far, a lot of people are going to be extremely disappointed. >> i don't care if you're for it
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or against it, republican or democrat. we should not tolerate the sheer level of incompetence securing this site. >> yes. we have to fix it. we should be working together to fix it. >> it sounds like you didn't meet the deadline. people are going on, they're still getting the same error messages they got three days ago. >> i think you're confusing error messages with the queueing message. >> that was fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry grilling white house press secretary jay carney. ed joins us live from the white house. good evening, ed. what is the status on this website? >> reporter: it's interesting, greta. as you play that out you're seeing all these euphemisms. it's reasonably well right now. the website's significantly improved. but it really seems unclear whether that deadline of the weekend, self-imposed deadline, was really met in terms of what they set out. which is a good effective experience for the vast majority of online user. because, in fact, today kind of a new bug jumped up where this queueing message that jay carney told me about sort of popped up.
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people would go on the screen. see it there. they'd say, we know you're trying to logon. we've got a lot of traffic right now. we're going to put you in the queue, in this line. we're going to get back to you eventually when we're able to deal with this. the white house is saying eventually these people will be able to enroll. i pressed jay carney, are these people basically just being moved from one line to another. take a listen. >> what's the goal then? the goal is obviously to enroll more people, right? >> absolutely. >> so if they're still waiting -- >> again, i would point you to the fact that more people are visiting the site and are able to effectively go from beginning to end when it comes to enrolling than was the case in october. and in november. >> reporter: so we should point out that it appears in the preliminary numbers that more people are enrolled in november than in october, which was obviously a really bad start. so you would expect the numbers would go up.
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but insurance companies and the industry issued a new warning today saying the sort of entire back half of this system, where the payments are issued and where insurance companies get the enrollment information, is still not fully built out on the website. and the insurance industry threw up a red flag today saying it's not clear to them that the people who are quote, unquote, being enrolled will actually have their insurance up and running on january 1st. that could be a whole nother problem coming down the pike, greta. >> what does jay carney say about that? if they now claim they have fixed the enrollment, although you've got to get in line, in a queue, if they say they fixed that, the information you enroll on has got to go to the insurance company along with a payment. is that even built? this thing is way off track if that hasn't happened? >> reporter: it could be a big problem. what jay carney today said is, look, if people go through the paperwork on the website and actually pay the premiums for january 1st, the first month or so, they believe inside the white house tonight that it's all going to be fine.
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but as you know, we've heard sort of rosy outlooks before that have not turned out to be true. >> one question today was whether or not the president assigned up for obama does he i he signed up? >> reporter: jay carney would not answer whether the president is going to sign up for obama care himself. we did learn today that the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is going to testify on capitol hill again. she hasn't done that in a few weeks. she got grilled before, as you remember. she's going to testify later this month. it's interesting because she had an op-ed today in "usa today" where she was basically pleading with people, sort of a desperate plea, i know you're frustrated with the website. but we're turning the corner. it's gotten better. so please come back, take a look. she realizes that their credibility has previously been shot. they're trying to get that credibility back tonight, greta. and they're just pleading, begging with people, go back to the site. they might get thrown into that queue but they think here inside the white house tonight that the experience is getting better and in the long run they're turning the corner. we'll see, greta.
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>> ed, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. listen to this. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius offering this suggestion to avoid the website traffic jam. you ready? visit in off peak hours. now, is that really going to help? senator kelly ayotte joins us from new hampshire. good evening, senator. >> good evening, greta. good to be with you. >> nice to have you. what do you make of the secretary's advice as to how to make the website work? you're supposed to go in off peak hours. although i'm not sure i know what the off peak hours are. steams like they're all off peak. >> i'm not sure what it is. because, you know, what i've heard from my constituents is they're trying -- they've tried at all hours of the day. and so why shouldn't people, though, be able to go on when they can go on? i think this is -- obviously shows that there's still serious problems with the website. and this back end issue is a serious issue, greta. because if the insurers aren't getting accurate information, they don't know who is enrolled and they can't verify that someone's enrolled, then that's going to be a real problem for
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people trying to get coverage. but we also know that the problems are much deeper than the website. those are higher premiums. i spent all day in new hampshire today talking to businesspeople and also going to one of our hospitals that's been excluded from the exchange. >> even if they gave out this back end thing, not getting a lot of attention apparently from the white house, rather dismissive of it, suppose your insurance company doesn't get the information because of the faulty website. so on january 10th you go to the doctor's and you want to have a test done or some test gets done or whatever. they call the insurance company. the insurance company has no information about you whatsoever. that's -- if you actually war game these things out, these are hugely important issues. >> hugely important, greta. can you imagine? you think you've signed up. you go to get coverage. because you need health care. you go there and you find out that, in fact, you haven't been signed up. that is a huge issue. because what does someone do at that point? how do they work their way through the bureaucracy to actually verify they've been
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signed up? i see this as much of an issue as the access issue on the health care. the fact that that has not been fixed is a huge problem. but, again, we've got to address higher premiums. in new hampshire only one insurer on the exchange, 10 of our 26 hospitals, excluded. then cuts in hours of work because they've redefined the 40-hour workweek to 30 hours. >> there's a press point that's came out from the committee on energy and commerce. they have asked secretary sebelius to testify on december 11th. she's going to. in their press release, the committee's press release, they write they have uncovered documents demonstrating that on april 4th secretary sebelius was warned of the challenges, meaning the october 1st launch date. but on april 18th she testified that the implementation was on track. what is with that? if she heard on april 4th and then she tells them that on april 18th. i don't know if they are any extuneuating facts. but i'd sure want to grill her on that set of circumstances.
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>> well, we have to get to the bottom of that. that, to me, just seems just so wrong, outrageous. if that's what turns out to be the case. and, again, her op-ed that was recently released in "usa today," i mean, basically how i read it is sort of hang in there. all these problems, you know, just keep hanging in there with it. but we know that, again, even if the website gets fixed, there are so many more problems with the law as it's being implemented. and the law in and of itself and the way it was drafted. >> all right. i don't know if that press release is factually complete. it certainly is at least raising the red flag. one other question i want to talk to you about. there was an op-ed in a concord monitor by michael green. i think he's the ceo of the hospital there. concord hospital. and he's opted out of the exchange because he said the reimbursement rates that they were offered, his hospital, would result in being paid less than it would have cost us to provide care. well, that's a death sentence for that hospital. >> right.
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concord hospital, concord is the capital of the state of new hampshire. it's one of the ten hospitals that aren't in the exchange. we only have one insurer in the exchange. and, again, because there's mandated coverage within obama care, what -- the only way that the -- as i understand it, this provider is trying to drive down cost, is reduce the network and then try to get the hospitals that are in the network to take less than they would normally in payment for the services. so obviously the concord hospital didn't think that was financially viable. again, people in new hampshire, can you imagine being in the capital of the state of new hampshire, the concord hospital, if that was where your doctors were, you can't go to those doctors anymore if you're on the exchange. it's less choice for people. i'm hearing it from my constituents all the time. one of the impacts of this law, unfortunately. >> senator, thank you for joining us. thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> the really bum news is that it isn't just the other guy. it's you, too. we're finding out more and more that you cannot keep your doctor even if you like your doctor.
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so why did president obama promise you could? house republicans are now trying to get to the bottom of that. congressman ron desantis is there to tell you their plan, next. vo: it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment.
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400 bugs fixed in the obama care website. now, that's the good news. but that's not all the news. there's also some not so good news. security expert white hat hacker david kennedy joins us.
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good evening, sir. >> good evening. thanks for having me on again. >> love to have you here. now the president, he seems -- i don't know if the word is substantially satisfied, but he's more satisfied with how things turned out at the end of november. i'm curious, are you now satisfied with the security element of this website? >> well, we testified in front of congress about two weeks ago on the issues around security. we had identified around 15 exposures with the website as well as other researchers that had found other things. when the site was relaunched on the 30th deadline, we actually went and tested to look for and see if any of those issues had actually been addressed. unfortunately none of them had been fixed. it doesn't look like security was implemented into the site itself. doesn't look like anything was fixed from a security per speckispec spective. >> i remember the video where all of you were asked if you would enroll. i think it was no, no, no, no. is it still your view you wouldn't get on because of the security issues? >> that's right.
4:14 pm
when you look at the website, what they did is i'd like to compare it so, let's just say, a commercial website like amazon or facebook that's more like a porsche or my 1982 honda i had that i left the window down intentionally with the keys in the car hoping someone would steal it which is more like the website right now. they basically put a new paint job on it to make it look better. perform a little better when it comes to tuning. when it comes to security, still not there. really rough when it comes to the security perspective. >> when you speak about the security issues, is it credit card, my social security, that type of information for when i, like, tried to pay for the insurance? or is it about my health conditions? my medical tests? >> right now the type of information they actually take as far as input goes is your first name, last name, social security number and date of birth. they're going to be adding in the payment options later on so you can go and purchase the pieces of the health care. so your credit card information, things like that, will be a concern down the road. right now it's just your health care information. there's actually no information around your, like, medical history, things like that, that are on that site itself right
4:15 pm
now. >> the white house is trumpeting today there are about 375,000 people who had logged on before noon. is that a significant number? >> well, take in comparison to where youtube receives about 80 billion hits per month or facebook which receives 1 billion hits per month. doesn't really seem like a large number. if you look at those statistics, that's about a 2001 website or so as far as popularity goes and the ability to actually handle those websites. the 3,000-plus statistic being sent out was more about how many people visited the site, not actually enrolled into it. that was everybody from media to individuals curious to see if the site was up and running. it wasn't really a full categorization of what's happening behind the scenes. we're still seeing a number of issues registering for the site or seeing if they have benefits that have been accepted. >> they claim they fixed the enrollment. we'll leave that issue aside and whether they have done it or not. can you fix these security issues? are these different type of technical problems that you have to scrap the whole thing and
4:16 pm
start over or can you plug in fixes to resolve the problem? >> there's fixes you can do now to fix a lot of the security concerns we addressed. the problem is if you don't build security in from the ground up as you're actually building the website itself, you have all these problems later on. it's going to take a long time to fix the framework and the architecture behind the website. it's not just what you see when you visit the website. there's a whole supporting architecture, infrastructure and programming that goes behind that. if security wasn't put into there it's not going to be fixed any time soon. we're talking years. >> david, thank you. >> thank you very much. what happened to president obama's promise? if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. house republicans trying to find out. you're going to hear their plan coming up. does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? anthe capital's been invested? or when your company's bought another? is it over after you've given back?
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okay, everyone.
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is this the future of delivery service? drudge report tweeting, amazon plans drone delivery. jeff besos showing off the drones on "60 minutes." he optimistically thinks the delivery could be up and running in a few years. is it feasible? would people really use it? that's the talk of twitter today. on the record viewer jim rogers tweeting of course i would use the amazon drone when needed. amazon not like the feds with the aca debacle, will test its use prior to intro. ouch. would you use amazon's drone delivery service or not? tweet me. congressman ron desantis is here coming up. wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.?
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you heard him. president obama telling america, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. well, that's simply not true. now house republicans are getting your message loud and clear, viewers. they are now going straight to the insurance companies demanding answers about doctor access. republican congressman ron desantis is on the house oversight committee. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> i have a copy of the letter that you sent to a number of insurance companies demanding documents. why did you send it and what do you want? >> well, i think the american people deserve the truth. as you mentioned, the president said if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. what we're finding is obama care is essentially causing a massive disruption in the insurance market. and obviously people are losing their plans. we've seen that. but even more people potentially could be losing the doctor networks that they have grown accustomed to. i think that is going to be a major change for a lot of the american people. and i think we need to get answers now.
4:24 pm
what did the administration know about this? what steps, if any, did they take to mitigate it? why didn't they come clean with the american people when they knew that that promise couldn't be kept? >> well, you know, it's so interesting. i was watching jim engel a short time ago on our air, one of our correspondents here. as recently as november 14th, president obama said this. because there's a good chance they'll be able to buy better insurance at lower cost. which we've yet to see. he repeated that -- he said that also earlier on october 30 in new orleans. jay carney is repeating that on november 5th. do you know anyone who's getting better insurance at a lower cost? >> better in terms of what the government thinks is better for you. i think that's the issue. you have individual americans who've made a determination about which plan is good for their family. then you have the federal government essentially overruling that judgment, saying, actually, you need to pay a little bit more for a plan that has worse deductibles. maybe it has a few bells and whistles. i have constituents who are
4:25 pm
60-year-old women who say they don't need some of the pediatric dentistry or maternity coverage. so it's better in the eyes of the government, not better in the eyes of the consumer. we have obviously think that consumers know what's best for them and not the federal bureaucracy. >> all right. right before the holidays, november 20th, you introduced a resolution. what is it and what is the action you intend to have taken on it? >> well, you know, we heard all this stuff during the shutdown about obama care being the sacred law of the land. congress could never touch it in any way. yet in instance after instance the president has essentially delayed key portions of the law. granted waivers to politically connected entities. so what my resolution is doing is it's laying out two conspicuous instances in which he has refused to enforce his own law when he delayed the employer mandate for one year, then when he, quote, extended the grandfather provisions to cover plans that the statute doesn't -- >> here's what i don't get about it. here's what i mean. i understand what you're doing. you're saying he's basically
4:26 pm
rewriting the law. but what i don't understand is that, that is dead on arrival. it's going to go nowhere in the senate. the president's not going to sign it. if you believe the president has rewritten the law, if that's what you believe, so he's undermining the legislative function of congress, why don't you simply go to court and let the judicial branch sort it out? i don't know if you're right or you're wrong. but a resolution is going to get you nowhere fast. >> we're not going to have as member of congress likely going to have standing. you need to have somebody who suffered an injury. you may yet see that next year, greta, with the employer mandate delay. some of these insurance companies are essentially being told they can offer these plans that are still technically illegal under the statute. so it does put them in a difficult situation. but we in congress would probably not be able to sustain standing. so what my resolution is doing is at least getting the house on record saying, we don't think this is acceptable. because if we say nothing, then it becomes accepted constitutional practice. and i think that sets a bad precedent for future presidents and future congresses. >> congressman, thank you, sir.
4:27 pm
>> thanks for having me. coming up, it's not stopping. we have new information tonight about more vicious and random knockout game attacks. making people scared to even walk down the street. who's being targeted? that's next. and you can hash it out with us. what do you think of the white house's attempt to fix is the administration trying hard enough? tweet or post on facebook right now using #greta. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it.
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. first in new york stunning new information on the deadly commuter train derailment. the ntsb says the metro north train was traveling 82 miles per hour as it entered a 30 mile per hour carve. also hearing emergency radio transmissions from the derailment. >> train derailment is down by spuyten duyvil station. we've lost five cars off the track. >> four passengers were killed and dozens were injured when the train derailed yesterday.
4:31 pm
out of california and the fiery car crash that killed actor paul walker and his friend, police are still investigating the cause of the crash but say speed was a factor. police also say the crash happened in an area known for street racing. walker starred in the "fast & furious" movies, a film franchise about fast cars. mayor rob ford caught on camera again. this time the mayor is accused of stealing someone's seat at the buffalo bills atlanta falcons game. a canadian musician says he got to his seat and found the mayor sitting there. fans forced the crack smoking mayor to leave early so he got his seat back. mays is famous for his 2005 song "cocaine cowgirl." that's tonight's speed read. it certainly isn't going away. there's more to report tonight. just last night another victim sucker punched on a new york city street. we're going to keep showing you examples of these attacks so you know what to look out for. there have been a string of knockouts in largely jewish
4:32 pm
brooklyn neighborhoods. the violence, sometimes deadly assaults, are happening all over the country. "on the record" has been investigating knockout attacks in several states. right now new york state assemblyman doug hiken joins us. >> good to be with you. >> nice to have you. last night there was still another attack? >> yeah. 26-year-old hasidic jew in williamsburg was viciously attacked. all of these attacks are creating a tremendous amount of fear. people are afraid to walk the streets. i was walking with my wife in brooklyn down ocean parkway, very famous street. you know, i find myself looking in back, looking in front. and people are reacting in such a fashion. these attacks, which are senseless, you know, doesn't make any sense. you physically go over to somebody and you assault them. and you get some kind of pleasure, some kind of excitement. you sort of score points, i
4:33 pm
assume, some place. it's insanity. and, you know, three of the people in new york are -- are women of 78, 76 and 72. takes a lot of courage to walk over to a 78-year-old woman, raise your fist and hit her in the head. this is the kind of stuff that is going on. it's very, very serious. creating a lot of fear. you know, and there are some people -- sorry, greta. >> is it being -- i mean, is it getting the attention from law enforcement? in fact, should president obama speak out on this? would that sort of -- would that put the spotlight on it? >> i raised that issue a week ago. that the president of the united states, the attorney general, should address this phenomena, this very sick phenomena that is going on. young people involved in assaulting grandmothers, young people of 12 years old and in between. of course the president should speak out and say something. he does whatever he desires to do. even in individual cases. so, of course, we need the
4:34 pm
president, the attorney general to highlight this. you know, i was on a panel earlier today on a show where some people said, you know, young people acting, you know, they're bored. can you imagine people are bored and, therefore, they go over to a 76-year-old woman and punch them in the face? and these attacks have resulted in people dying. that's what the point is. thank god in many of the cases, people were only hurt. but you know something, greta? the psychological effect on people, the 78-year-old woman who happens to be a neighbor, and i got her to go to the police, she's afraid to walk the streets. she was never afraid. now she's afraid. >> this has been going on across the country. but i'm curious, is it -- is it targeting jewish citizens in new york? do you have there's a specific target? is anything said as the attackers attack? i take it there's no rivalry involved. is there anything to suggest this is a specific target? >> in almost all the cases nothing is said.
4:35 pm
nothing is taken. it so happens that literally almost every single victim in new york has been jewish. and almost every single perpetrator has been black. it's not my job to say is it racial or not. at this point, it hardly matters. the point is, this is a phenomena that is so sick and so beyond the pale, this kind of behavior, attacking innocent people. you know, greta, you know, the way this happens is, you know, it isn't someone coming over to you and asking you for your wallet or asking for something from you. it takes a second. one moment. someone just comes over, belts you in the head and disappears. it is very, very dangerous. and the authorities from a national level down to the local level need to do everything in the world and not talk about we need more money for community -- you know, for the youths of your community. we need more education. i agree with all that.
4:36 pm
but the most important thing we need is to put these people behind bars. that is the most effective thing to do. >> assemblyman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta, for keeping this alive. >> we're doing our best. it's a serious crime. as we said, "on the record" has been tracking knockout attacks from the east coast to the west coast and even to the midwest. milwaukee journal sentinel columnist writing, only suckers participate in the knockout game. writer james cozi joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> how did this start? how does this spread? do you have any thought on this? >> well, this is not a new phenomena. it's been going on for quite some time. now it's just getting all the media attention because they're starting to connect the dots. but this is something that's been going on even when i was younger, it used to happen. so -- but now it's starting to pick up because people are talking about it. and really starting to put it
4:37 pm
all together. >> you know, it's funny, everyone objects to robbery, it's a horrible crime. but, you know, this for some reason almost steps it up one to me because it's so gratuitous. it's not robbery. not even because you need the money or you want to go buy something with money you robbed. this is just to be vicious. it's just to hurt somebody. you oftentimes get a crowd laughing. >> yes. you know, and i credit a lot of that to the rise in social media. if you look at some of the websites out there that cater to this, you know, you can see fight compilations, knockout compilations and things like this on some of the bigger websites out there. i mean, some of these young people are getting a bike for it. they're gaining a lot of popularity for it. it's a sick form of -- of becoming famous overnight. >> you know -- >> that's what's troubling about it. >> you know, if some 15 or 16 or 18-year-old does it and then some 13-year-old follows suit, you know, and hurts somebody and the person falls over and dies,
4:38 pm
that 13-year-old now has got a murder charge and that's the end of his life. that's what people don't realize. there's a whole younger layer who are looking up to older people doing this. >> right. and, you know, someone was talking to me earlier about this issue today. and they said, well, you know, why do young people choose to, you know, throw a sucker punch as opposed to anything else? well, i don't -- i don't think the intent -- the intent is not to kill. the intent is just to get that shock, that value, that thrill that comes from it. i mean, they're not robbing these people. they're not shooting these people. they're not stabbing these people. although that does take place. i think what they get out of this is just the idea that they can punch someone and feel good about that. >> how do we work towards ending -- obviously, we lock up the people who are doing this and we arrest them and put them through the criminal justice system. the bigger problem is is that there's an awful lot of african-american young people who are doing this against white americans.
4:39 pm
you just heard our guest who's jewish and said that that's happening there. how do we have this debate when we're all so touchy about the issue of race? >> well, i don't think it's just african-americans doing it against whites, either. >> i don't either. but that's -- i don't -- i mean, i've seen the other, too. we've seen so much of it, that that's where the debate is going. >> right. right. i mean, the racial element automatically turns it up, you know, ten-fold. but i think what we need to do, we need to focus on getting fathers involved in their children's lives. i mean, we could talk about saying president obama needs to speak out about this, but i think on a grass roots level, we need to have families and intact fathers having communications with their sons. they need to tell them not to do this. they need to tell them there's another way. you know, obama could talk about this all he wants. i think we have to handle this on the family structure level. we have to stop being scared of our kids. i mean, we have communities
4:40 pm
where kids tend to rule things. and that needs to change. we have to start taking control and being parents again. and that's not taking place. >> james, thank you very much for joining us. love the juournal sentinel. been reading it for years. thank you. >> thank you. straight ahead, it isn't just the website. even if you get on the exchange to sign up for insurance, will you be able to use it? there are new fears tonight. that's next. there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo!
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oh, wow. a minnesota man in very hot water after trying to spread some holiday cheer at the mall of america. during the busy shopping weekend the man suddenly tossing 1,000 dollar bills. as the cash was raining down, a choir was performing "let it snow." why did he throw the money? he says he's going through hard times and hopes his positive act will bring good things back to him. did it happen? good things to him? not exactly. police slapped him with a citation for disorderly conduct. that's not all. he's also now banned from the mall for a year. mall officials say he disrupted a performance and could have caused a serious situation. now you be the judge. does the money thrower deserve to get punished and banned from the mall or not? vote in our poll. coming up, a vicious crime caught on camera. you have to see what happened. then police have a special message just for you. that's ahead. at verizon.
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let's all go off the record for just a minute. all right. let's face it. we've become enablers. everyone. you. i have, too. we let our representatives, house and senate, step all over us. we just shrug our shoulders, gripe a bit about them. but we kept re-electing and paying their salaries. for what? are they doing their jobs? they are slacking. it's not new. look what they have promised. not done. here's a thumbnail sketch. how about that lousy website the administration dumped on the nation? the oversight came after the fact of the website. now, that's not helpful. and in six weeks, we run out of money to fund the government. of course, around the corner, the tdebt ceiling. again. what about tax reform. they always talk about it. immigration reform. that farm bill is already two years overdue. with all this unfinished business, what are they doing? let me give you a hint. according to "the washington post" only five days are planned in december when the house and the senate will both be in washington. just five days for senators and
4:47 pm
members of congress to work together and actually solve problems. they don't operate in a vacuum. they can't get work done if they're not both working together or even working. that is a fact. now, that's not to say some are not working. it's the institution that's the problem. the institution has a lousy work ethic. as long as we are content to be the enablers, you and me, it'll get worse. my view, time's up. either they stay in washington for a full month of work in december and prove they really care, or they should be voted out. no questions asked. and regardless of party. if you don't want to work. just go. that's my off the record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record, go to and tell us about it. every night "on the record" continues to investigate the impact of obama care. tonight, a new problem. growing fears that doctors offices and ers could get flooded as new patients get covered. what alternatives are there? the urgent care business is booming.
4:48 pm
so what is urgent care all about? >> we're not open 24 hours. but we're open a lot more than a doctor's office is. >> reporter: dr. louise moody is one of the doctors and owners at secure medical care, an independently owned urgent care facility in maryland. what's it cost to come in and see a doctor? i've got the flu. i show up on your doorstep with no insurance. >> uh-huh. if you pay cash it would be $95 to see the doctor. >> reporter: there are roughly 10,000 urgent care clinics just like this one here in maryland all across the country. now with 7 million new patients coming into the health care system, the question begs, will these clinics become the new standard in health care? >> we need these kinds of places. we need more convenient care, i think, for people. i think it could be a model for that in between level where people are not going to emergency rooms. it's not -- it's not so expensive and people can actually afford to come here. and i think doctors offices at this point are not very
4:49 pm
convenient unless they've made a big effort to have after hours care. we're open every day. we're open on the holidays. so people, if they have to go to work, they can come in a place like this and not miss work. they've got to make sure this fever they have isn't something that can get better with an antibiotic. they've strained their ankle and need to be on the job tomorrow. that sort of thing. i think we really serve a need there. >> with the increase in medicaid enrollments, can you predict about how much more customers' business -- >> i think it would double, probably. >> reporter: maybe double? >> i would think so, yes. >> and 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week. most open at 8:00 a.m. or earlier and close after 7:00 p.m. coming up, house intelligence committee chair mike rogers calling it a sheer level of incompetence. who's he talking about? chairman rogers will tell you next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. dick morris will be sean's guest. tonight at 10:00 on "hannity."
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now it's time to show you what we are watching. we've put together the wildest videos out there tonight. now take a look. vicious vandalism caught on camera. the suspects trashing an oklahoma family's outdoor christmas display. the family putting up thousands of dollars of decorations and surveillance video showing the vandals slashing the decorations and cutting the lights. police ask you to look closely. see if you can help identify and capture the suspects. and we now know who snatched a wildlife camera from an australian river bank. it was a young sea eagle. the winged thief is caught on camera. rangers found the stolen camera and released these pictures. you can see the view as the eagle carries away the camera. then you see the eagle pecking away at the lens. now that is an interesting selfie. and what happens when a
4:53 pm
kitten meets a bearded dragon? take a look. the kitten carefully approaches the bearded dragon and tries batting at him, and then scampers away. the dragon does not even flinch. we hear dragons are not very social, and that's what we're watching tonight. and coming up, in spite of the repair blitz, house intelligence committee chair mike rogers says still isn't right. he'll tell you why, next. male ] here's a question for you. if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energefficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lis here.
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house intelligence committee chair mike rogers calls it a sheer level of incompetence. what or who is he talking about? congressman rogers joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta, great to see you. >> nice to have you. so sheer level of incompetence. what were you referring to? >> well, the level of security on this website is not even up to minimal standards in the private sector. and when you talk about the sheer sensitivity of the information that the hub has access to, so think about all of these different servers with really sensitive information goes to the hub. none of it has been stress tested. so they're adding new code constantly, which hasn't been vetted appropriately. and every time you add new code, it changes the ecosystem of the security of the entire website. none of that has been tested. so we know that this thing gets hit thousands of times a day by people trying to get in and get
4:57 pm
access, unauthorized access. they have no coordinated effort on every single day to try to monitor and tack that. matter of fact, they could not even provide someone, cms and hhs, the two folks responsible for the website, couldn't even provide someone in a classified setting to come up and talk about the breaches which they know have happened. that's just unconscionable. so what we do is you're encouraging people to go to a site that our own government knows doesn't meet safety standards when it comes to security of private information. that's why i think this is so incompetent. and if you're going to do this right, greta, the way any other company would do it. and if you notice iphone or apple never says it's this exact date that we're going to do the opening. why? because they're stress testing that system right up until it's ready. then they say it's the fall. we're going to go on, whatever, october 1. this they did it the other way around. we're going to meet october 1 and we're not going to stress test it.
4:58 pm
we're going to go ahead and make all these people exposed to this problem and not tell them about it. that's just wrong. >> here is what i don't understand. we just had an expert on who shares the same views you do. he testified before congress. and he and the three others said the security of this site was just disgraceful. what i don't understand, why do you think that secretary sebelius and president obama are so forceful in their advocacy of this website in light of what you say and what these experts say about the security of information on that website? >> you know, i think they're married to this political timeline. i think they believe that their politics is mired in the success of the website, let alone what you think of the health care product once it gets working. and i think that's a serious mistake. no business would do this. i think the president could get a lot of points here if he stopped, backed up, and said we're going to close this thing down until it is fully up to modern-day industry standards. i think he could get some kudo points for this. instead, he has just decided i'm mired to this thing, and by god
4:59 pm
we're going to do it no matter if people are losing their personal information or not. that's wrong. if this were the private sector, i talked to a contractor who said we would get sued to the point we were not in business anymore if we were even close to doing what they're doing on this website. that's a pretty good indication we shouldn't be doing it. >> we only have three seconds and go to black. you say mr. snowden work alone. you think someone helped him. who do you think helped him? >> well, there is a whole bunch of questions that we have to have answered, including where he stayed when he went to china, how he exceeded his capabilities in retrieving information that raised a lot of questions. so we have a lot of questions. it's clear to me as intelligence chairman, i get to see it all there is more to this story. and we're continuing our look at it. i know the fbi's investigating and i think the public has the right to know. >> congressman, thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> and thanks for being with us tonight. we're going to see you all again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
5:00 pm
and up next, "the o'reilly factor." and make sure you go to and talk about tonight's show. good night from washington. see you tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> if you were santa, you could do magic. >> here, let's watch you disappear. >> well, christmas time is here, and once again there are powerful organizations trying to diminish the federal holiday. we will have a "factor" investigation. how long are the lines here? >> anywhere between four to six hours just to see a doctor. >> with all the controversy about obama care in america, how is canadian care working out? we sent jesse waters up norwatt to find out. >> go ahead. everybody blames santa, right? ♪
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